International Forum on Frontier Issues in Applied Linguistics

Topics for panels

cognitive linguistics comparative linguistics
corpus linguistics cross-cultural communication
development of foreign language teachers discourse analysis
English-mediated instruction English for special purpose
English teaching in primary and secondary schools English teaching in vocational college
second language acquisition French language studies
foreign language education functional linguistics
German language studies Instructional Guide and college English teaching reform
intelligent language teaching international Chinese language education
language assessment and testing language-related policy and planning
language teaching and pedagogy translation studies
National Standard and teaching reform of English major pragmatics
psycholinguistics rhetoric and stylistics
Russian language studies sociolinguistics

Forms of presentation

We invite proposals for the symposia, individual paper presentation, and poster presentation. (An abstract can only be submitted in one of the three forms.)

•  Symposia
Each symposium lasts 2 hours and 4 to 6 panel members are invited by the organizer. Each symposium consists of an introduction, presentations, discussion (optional), Q&A, and a concluding part. The organizers are required to submit the topic, introduction and summary of each presentation after they get the approval of the organizing committee.

  Individual paper presentations 

A block of 25 minutes will be designated for each individual paper presentation(20 minutes for presentation and 5 minutes for discussion). A title and an abstract of each paper, either in Chinese or in English, are to be submitted. If the title and the abstract are in Chinese, an English version is required.

  Poster presentations 

A title and an abstract of each poster, either in Chinese or in English, are required.

Proposal submission

Proposals for all presentations and posters should include a title (no more than 20 words), an abstract (no more than 250 words), and a briefer abstract (no more than 50 words) for the Forum Handbook. Author information such as name, title, education background, affiliation, email address and mobile phone number should be included.

Submit  abstract:Click here

◆Publication opportunities: Participants can submit the full text of the paper online to one of the ten editorial departments within 2 months after the closure of the forum.


Important Dates

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