International Forum on Frontier Issues in Applied Linguistics


    In recent years, applied linguistics has made great progress and reached a general consensus about its functions and applications, but still many hot topics and cutting-edge issues remain controversial and worthy of further exploration and detailed discussion. In order to help push forward the field of applied linguistics, an International Forum on Frontier Issues in Applied Linguistics (IFFIAL) is going to be held in Hangzhou, which is sponsored by Beijing Foreign Studies University (BFSU) and organized by Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press (FLTRP). Ten editorial departments of BFSU’s academic journals will co-organize the forum.   

    We have extended invitations to renowned linguists, both at home and abroad, to give keynote speeches. Various workshops will be organized on a variety of issues of interest. Scholars and researchers of applied linguistics will enjoy opportunities for academic  exchange and cooperation. We expect the forum can provide up-to-date research findings, references and enlightenment for all the participants, promote theoretical construction and applied research of the discipline, and explore the trend development in applied linguistics.  

      The matters of the forum are notified as follows.

Forum Organization

Sponsor: Beijing Foreign Studies University

Organizer: Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press


Chinese Journal of Applied Linguistics

Chinese Journal of ESP

Corpus Linguistics

Eurasian Humanities Studies

Foreign Language Education in China

Foreign Language Teaching and Research

German Humanities Studies

International Chinese Language Education

Journal of Language Policy and Language Planning

Translation Horizons

Date, Location and Languages

Check-in time 14:00-21:00, September 18, 2020 (UTC+8)
Forum schedule September 19-20, 2020 (UTC+8)
Location Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, China
Working languages Chinese and English


Keynote Speakers

James Lantolf The Pennsylvania State University (US), Founding Editor of Language and Sociocultural Theory (Equinox Press, 2013) and Co-Editor of Applied Linguistics (Oxford University Press, 1993-1998)
Lawrence Jun Zhang The University of Auckland (NZ), Co-Editor-in-Chief of Educational Technology and Applied Linguistics (SSCI-indexed, Impact Factor: 1.93) (September 2016 to present) and SAAL Quarterly (August 2005-January 2009)
Simon Borg University of Leeds(UK), Editorial Board Member of TESOL Quarterly, Language Teaching Research and The Asian EFL Journal
Sun Youzhong Beijing Foreign Studies University, Editor-in-Chief of International Forum, Chinese Journal of ESP and Intercultural Studies Forum
Wang Wenbin Beijing Foreign Studies University, Associate Editor of Foreign Language Teaching and Research
Wen Qiufang Beijing Foreign Studies University, Editor-in-Chief of Foreign Language Education in China and Chinese Journal of Applied Linguistics
Zhao Yang Peking University, Editor-in-Chief of International Chinese Language Education


(1)Topics for panels

cognitive linguistics comparative linguistics
corpus linguistics cross-cultural communication
development of foreign language teachers discourse analysis
English-mediated instruction English for special purpose
English teaching in primary and secondary schools English teaching in vocational college
second language acquisition French language studies
foreign language education functional linguistics
German language studies Instructional Guide and college English teaching reform
intelligent language teaching international Chinese language education
language assessment and testing language-related policy and planning
language teaching and pedagogy translation studies
National Standard and teaching reform of English major pragmatics
psycholinguistics rhetoric and stylistics
Russian language studies sociolinguistics


(2)Topics for seminars
      Each of the ten academic journals of BFSU will offer topics respectively and host the seminars.

Important Dates

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